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Air Liquide's expertise in space


Pushing back the limits of technology in the conquest of space

More than 50 years of successful service to the space odyssey

A driver of continuous progress, the space industry is currently undergoing a renaissance; a profound transformation into a more competitive environment as it enters the commercial era. Private companies can understand the wonderful challenges and rewards that space provides, so they are among the primary contributors to this dynamic. They are focusing on the production of telecommunications data (internet, GPS, etc.), terrestrial imaging (digital agriculture, smart cities, smart energy, etc.), climate observation, and the prevention of natural risks.

Air Liquide is ready to meet the challenges of this new chapter in the history of space. After more than 50 years of technological developments on the Ariane, Melfi, Planck, Herschel, Curiosity, and ExoMars programmes, we have the ambition, the will and the expertise to engage in all the major new international challenges: electric propulsion, more competitive launch vehicles, the constellation of satellites, life in space, and more.


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Why choose us?

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    Our experience

    We have worked on all the developments for the European launch vehicle, Ariane, as well as numerous international projects, including the International Space Station; the Planck, Herschel, and Microscope satellites; and the Curiosity and ExoMars exploration rovers, among others.

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    The expertise of our teams

    Our employees are passionate about their work. Our results-minded approach and wealth of expertise have allowed us to make great strides and are now leading us to even more ambitious technological challenges, from launch vehicles with reignition capability and electric propulsion for satellites, to life on Mars...

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    Our capacity for innovation

    Our innovation teams rely on Air Liquide's expertise and close collaborations with public research laboratories, like the CEA, the CNRS, and the Grenoble University Space Center.