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Cryogenic tanks, lines and equipment

From ground operations, flight phases up to long term in orbit storage, Air Liquide’s solutions help you optimize your cryogenic propellant in order to increase your launcher performance. Our expertise ranges from design to series production.


Cryogenic propellant tanks

  • Design and manufacturing of fully functional propellant tanks: liquid hydrogen, oxygen and methane tanks, including functional, thermal and structural aspects,
  • Design and integration of thermal insulation, propellant management devices, instrumentation, etc.

Key benefits 

  • Lightweight structures using aluminum alloys up 4 meters in diameter
  • High thermal performances limiting propellant losses 
  • Various propellant management devices to optimize the functional and thermal performance for ground, propulsive and low gravity phases

Cryogenic feed lines

  • Design, qualification and manufacturing according to stringent launch constraints including anti-vibrating systems,
  • Optimization of thermal and routing aspects.

Key benefits

  • Lightweight lines using aluminum alloys and bellows
  • High thermal performances limiting propellant losses


Instrumentation for cryogenic tanks

  • Level gauges: high accuracy capacitive or superconductive probes (rigid or flexible), allowing to optimize embarked propellants
  • Cryogenic camera: an innovative tool to visualize the behaviour of cryogenic propellants during the different phases of the flight (microgravity, etc.), during ground phases or qualification tests
  • Temperature and pressure measurement
  • Different types of sensors qualified to meet your specific needs: liquid or gaseous measurement, range, reactivity, sensitivity

Key benefits 

  • Cryogenic level sensors to optimize the launcher performance
  • Cryogenic camera to predict propellant behavior during flight phases
  • More than 600 cryogenic propellant flight tanks delivered including insulation, internal PMDs, lines and instrumentation

  • Compatible with all cryogenic propellants (LH2, LOX, LCH4) and all the flight phases

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