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Size Name Type
A new cryomachine - 05.18 Industry
Active cryo cooling for space application - 08.21 Space
Air Liquide and Iter - When the experts in cryogenics fuse their energies - 05.21 Industry
Certificate of Export Control Conformity (CECC) Air Liquide
Cryogenics for fusion energy - 04.21 Industry
Cryogenics for Synchrotrons - 10.19 Industry
Cryogenics in nuclear environment - 10.19 Industry
Electronics and Optoelectronics - 11.16 Industry
HELIAL liquefiers - Range of automatic helium liquefiers Industry
HELIAL refrigerators - Range of automatic helium refrigerators Industry
HYLIAL - Range of automatic hydrogen liquefiers - 04.21 Industry
Instructions to External Companies - French version only - 06.23 Air Liquide
Large pulse tube cryocooler Industry
On-board propellant management system for electric propulsion - 08.21 Space
Pushing back the frontiers of Science to develop the energy solutions of the future - 10.19 Science, Industry
Quality requirements applicable to external providers Air Liquide
Satellites - 08.21 Space
Space launchers Space
Supplier Invoice Charter - French version only - 04.19 Air Liquide
Supplier’s Code of Conduct - 03.18 Air Liquide