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Xenon / Krypton loading cart

Air Liquide has developed a reliable xenon and krypton loading cart

For xenon or krypton filling and emptying operations, as well as pressure tests on ionic propulsion systems, Air Liquide has developed a xenon and krypton loading cart. Ionic propulsion is now an ultra-efficient technology for controlling satellites in orbit. The thrusters are powered by high-pressure xenon and krypton, whose exceptional properties make it possible to reduce the satellite's mass and extend its life by several years.


High-pressure loading that meets the requirements of space application


Up to 300 bar

Loading mass

<100kg for small loading carts and >100kg for large loading carts


A few key benefits

Highly reliable

And spaceproof 

Total control

Of satellite tank warming during pressurization

Precise monitoring

Of the flow and the mass loaded

Completely leak-proof


Control of xenon or krypton purity

Up to 99.999%-pure

Compliance with standards

In accordance with European and American mechanical and electrical standards  


Solid references

  • Baïkonour space center (Kazakhstan)


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