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Air Liquide offers a variety of training courses for using our cryogenic and aerospace equipment. They can be held in our premises or directly on the operating site.

Training subjects:

  • Common operating processes
  • Maintenance operations
  • Processes related to your systems
  • Raising awareness on safety procedures

Air Liquide provides specific training as well as bespoke courses to meet all your needs.

A few examples of courses:

  • The basics of cryogenics: theoretical knowledge on cryogenics and gases, running and operating cryogenic equipment, specific equipment and processes (storing and transferring helium, etc.).
  • HELIAL/HYLIAL/ULTRAL: operation, maintenance, and diagnostics of liquefiers or refrigerators
  • Operation and/or maintenance of aerospace equipment (OBOGS bench, GMAG's operational support level)
  • Vacuum technologies: operation and maintenance of pumping systems, leak detection, etc.