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Who we are

Air Liquide's Global Markets & Technologies (GM&T) world business unit delivers technological solutions - molecules, equipment and services - to support the rising markets of energy transition and deep tech in order to drive Air Liquide sustainable growth.

As a deep tech player, GM&T develops technologies for the Space, Aerospace and big science markets. Thanks to its cryogenics expertise, GM&T continues to breakthrough scientific boundaries.

To support the energy transition, GM&T brings sustainable solutions to  the clean energy market with hydrogen energy and  Bio- Natural Gas for vehicles, refrigerated transport using nitrogen for heavy-duty vehicles, but also the upgrade of biogas into biomethane and its injection into the energy grid and multimodal solutions for the maritime industry. Innovation is at the heart of its expertise.

GM&T employs around 2,700 people in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Air Liquide advanced Technologies is part of GM&T, its main site is located in Sassenage near Grenoble, France, where more than 1,000 employees work.


I choose Air Liquide!

Join us for a stimulating experience: you will evolve in a respectful, collaborative and open environment, where inventiveness is at the heart of all our actions. So many opportunities to achieve your development within an inclusive company that values diversity.

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Discovery" explores and deepens the very diverse activities and jobs of advanced Technologies. A camera, a discussion to get to know Air Liquide better

Find out what we do

Discover all the steps of the integration process of new employees on Air Liquide’s Campus Technologies Grenoble. Did you know that the integration of a new hire begins even before he or she arrives? How does the first day on site go? What is the "tandem" idea? All the answers are in this video.

Welcoming a new employee is not something you can improvise!


All passionate, they have different profiles, backgrounds and professions. In front of the camera, they tell you about their experience as Air Liquide employees.

Hear from people who are living the dream at work

Caroline talks about her career path and the personal convictions that led her to the position she holds today as CSR Manager at Air Liquide advanced Technologies. She explains to us how the CSR strategy is built and the actions that result from it. Going further is her leitmotiv!

Portrait of Caroline Roux, CSR Manager


Company projects, skills sharing, inclusion, management, work environment, site life, they exchange on these subjects in a collaborative way to invent our future and share their points of view with you.

An inside perspective

Who better than our employees to describe their daily lives at the Grenoble Technologies Campus, at the heart of deep tech and the energy transition?

A privileged working environment, collaborative spaces, team spirit, dynamism, and scientific passion: all the ingredients are there to make work meaningful.

The Campus Technologies Grenoble mindset what they say


Days for the onboarding of new arrivals, discovery of entities and activities, mobility and safety days, interns and trainees forums, conferences and many other events. There is always something happening on the Sassenage site.

There is always something going on…

Experience the welcome of new hires on Air Liquide's Campus Technologies Grenoble as if you were actually there! The "3D Day" lives up to its name: Discovery, Decompartmentalization and Diversity are on the program for a successful integration, with a focus on teamwork and sharing.

Integration of new employees

Gender equality index

For Air Liquide advanced Technologies, the professional equality index is 88/100 for the year 2023, which remains relatively stable compared to previous years. 

The index is composed as follows:

  • The pay gap between women and men: 38/40
  • The gap in the distribution of individual salary increases between women and men: 20/20
  • The distribution gap in promotions between women and men: 15/15
  • The number of women employees who receive a pay raise on return from maternity leave: 15/15
  • Parity among the 10 highest salaries: 5/10

Air Liquide's salary policy is based on 3 criteria: performance, responsibilities in the position held and external remuneration markets. It is not based on gender.

Air Liquide's salary policy is based on three criteria: performance, responsibilities in the position held and external remuneration markets. It is not based on gender.

Representation of women and men among senior executives and members of the management body

In the context of sustainable development objectives, Air Liquide's ambition is to ACT with confidence by committing to its employees. Among these sustainable development objectives, Air Liquide is pursuing an ambitious goal of gender diversity aimed at reaching 25% of women in the highest levels of responsibility (senior executives) by 2025, throughout the Group.

For Air Liquide advanced Technologies, the management body is made up of 36% women and 74% men, but it did not have any senior managers in its workforce in 2023.

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