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Spare parts

Air Liquide guarantees the supply of spare parts and consumables for the duration of our equipment's service life.

Our strengths:

  • Analysis of your needs and definition of critical parts* for your system
  • Improvement and modification of equipment in accordance with the latest standards (in  particular for aerospace)
  • Provision of original spare parts and consumables, in accordance with the constructor's specifications
  • Provision of preventive maintenance kits
  • Short reordering lead-times
  • Obsolescence management: compatibility, upgrading, replacement, etc.
  • Competitive prices thanks to economies of scale
  • Complete supply management: ordering, receipt of goods, quality control and delivery to your site

Our teams are at your disposal for additional services, such as management of spare parts stocks.

* We advise you to keep "critical parts" (vital parts whose delivery lead-times can be long) in stock on your site. This will allow you to limit your system's downtime to a minimum.