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Gas pressure regulators

The reliable gas solution for launchers


Capitalizing on its cryogenic engineering capabilities and extensive experience on space specific requirements, Air Liquide has developed a full range of mechanical gas pressure regulators. Air Liquide offers both standard and customized turnkey solutions to meet your specific needs and supports you throughout the different phases of your project: from preliminary studies to system qualification.

The gas pressure regulators designed and developed by Air Liquide make it possible to meet a very broad need for gas regulation for launcher applications (light, medium, heavy launchers). Thanks to their high reliability and performance, Air Liquide's regulators are positioned as an essential element in the propulsion chain.

Key benefits

  • High level of accuracy
  • Robustness
  • Tightness
  • Very compact size
  • Qualified for flight

How does it work?

These gas pressure regulators mechanically regulate a gas via one or multiple stages according to the application and engaged flow rates.

Key figures

External Leak rate 10-4 scc/s (GHe) GPR-S

Mass < 5 kg GPR-M

Large thermal environment -120 / 50 °C GPR-L

Performance and technical specifications

See all technical specifications in our brochure
  GPR-S: Low Flow Rate Gas Pressure Regulator GPR-M: Medium Flow Rate Gas Pressure Regulator GPR-L: Large Flow Rate Gas Pressure Regulator

Small Launchers

Upper Stage Heavy Launchers

Upper stage heavy and super-heavy launchers

Media (operational)

Gaseous Helium

Gaseous Helium

Gaseous Helium

Media (compatibility)

Inert gas

Inert gas

Inert gas

Upstream Pressure

328 - 40 bar

400 - 44 bar

400 - 58 bar

Regulated Pressure

31.4 ± 0.6 bar

20.75 ± 0.65 bar

41 to 49 barA according to the mass flow rate

Mass Flow Rate

4 g/s (nominal)

22.5 g/s (6.5 to 29 g/s)

0.5 g/s to 170 g/s

Response Time

< 100ms

< 100ms

< 2s

External Leakage

10-4 scc/s (GHe)

< 10-2 scc/s (GHe) 1 scc/s (GHe)

Stage Number

1 2 3




All gas pressure regulators developed by Air Liquide have been selected on all European launchers (Ariane 5 and 6 programs, VEGA-C) and on other heavy launchers projects.

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