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Being a supplier of Air Liquide advanced Technologies

Here you will find the subjects and reference documents ruling the purchase orders

Safety first

Safety remains a top priority for the Group’s management and employees. Continuously and durably improving the health and safety in the workplace of its employees and subcontractors is one of Air Liquide’s major challenges, which is expressed by the keyword “zero accident” on each site, in each region, in each entity.

Respecting our safety rules as suppliers and subcontractors is a must for us. To this end, you will find:

Instructions for external companies (French Only) :

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Procurement organization

Air Liquide Advanced Technologies' procurement department is organized in six centers:

  • Indirect procurement (including intellectual services) 
  • Aerospace and Defense 
  • Gas and Cryogenics 
  • Large Projects
  • New Energies 
  • Space

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

All orders from our Company shall be governed a minima by our General Terms and Conditions of Purchase :

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Quality standards for suppliers

Air Liquide Advanced Technologies is certified ISO9001 and EN9100 for Aerospace and Defense Business Unit as well as Space Business Unit. All quality requirements applicable to suppliers and subcontractors can be found hereinafter: 

Quality requirements applicable to suppliers and subcontractors. This document is an integral part of our purchase orders:

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Towards a long-term partnership

The Group attaches great importance to the ability of its suppliers to offer long-term partnerships and ensure a high level of safety, reliability, competitiveness and innovation, while guaranteeing that ethics and sustainable development are also taken into account.

The recognition of ethics and sustainable development-related challenges in procurement practices are formalized in the Procurement Code of Conduct, translated into 13 languages, which applies to all Group employees engaged in Procurement activities, and the Sustainable Procurement policy, which lays out the guidelines to be applied by the procurement departments. It encompasses ethical, social and environmental aspects of the procurement processes, and defines the supplier risk prevention approach in terms of sustainable development.

Our requirement to suppliers

The Supplier’s Code of Conduct aims to promote and enforce practices relating to human rights, ethics, the protection of the environment and safety.

Air Liquide expects each of its suppliers to respect the Group's ethical principles and to ensure that this Code of Conduct is respected by all their employees and subcontractors.

Download supplier’s code of conduct:

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A sustainable development clause is included in the Group’s new contracts and framework agreements. This clause covers the option for Air Liquide to assess the supplier’s sustainable development performance, as well as the supplier’s obligation to implement adequate corrective measures. It also includes a compulsory reporting element for the supplier, in particular on safety, energy and water consumption, atmospheric emissions, as well as human resources.

Assessment of suppliers’ performances

A sustainable development performance below Air Liquide's expectations will result in the setup of a corrective action plan whose progress will be subject to regular evaluations.

In case of insufficient progress, Air Liquide may suspend the commercial relationship with the supplier.

Our commitments to suppliers

Air Liquide strives to build long-lasting and balanced relationships with its suppliers, in an environment of mutual trust. The Group, for example, formalized this commitment in France by signing the “Mediation des Enterprises” Charter for responsible supplier relations.

Air Liquide is committed to promoting sustainable development among its suppliers and to supporting them in their progress approach.

Compliance with Customs and Export Control Regulations

Supplier shall comply with and ensure compliance with all applicable Customs and Export Control regulations.

For products or components that are subject to one or more Customs and Export Control regulations, Suppliers and subcontractors are obliged to communicate the relevant information via the Certificate of Export Control Conformity:

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  • Your invoices must be accompanied by the delivery notes in order authorize their payment. If this is not so, no late payment charge may be applied to our Company by the Supplier. 
  • The delivery note and the invoice must include the following details in order to be accepted by our services: purchase order number, name of the related buyer 
  • For any invoice dematerialization request or any matters related to invoicing, please send your request to: for sending dematerialized invoices and for other matters.
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