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Maintenance & repair

For optimum performances, all installations require regular maintenance. Air Liquide offers support with the maintenance of your installations.

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Curative maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and repair

For the fields of activity:

  • Biogas and Bio-LNG
  • LNG liquefaction for maritime activities
  • Helium and hydrogen cryogenics for scientific and industrial markets
  • Hydrogen distribution for mobility

Preventive maintenance allows you to detect any possible faults and correct them before they affect the proper operation of your system. Preventive maintenance guarantees maximum technical availability and lifespan, thereby reducing your budget.


Liquefiers, refrigerators, and purifiers. We offer maintenance on a variety of equipment such as compressors, deoiling modules, cold boxes, pumping systems, as well as measurement and analysis devices.

  • Leak tightness tests
  • Re-calibration of measurement devices (detectors and sensors)
  • Re-sizing of valves in accordance with the regulations in force
  • Replacement of wearing parts
  • Verification of safety systems
  • Cleaning of filters and replacement if necessary
  • Maintenance of the compression system
  • Inspection of all the unit's equipment and components
  • Replacement and regeneration of activated charcoal in the oil removing system