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While serving a vanguard Navy, Air Liquide is also innovating

Shipbuilding has long been regarded as an indicator of a country's industrial capacity. It is a great source of innovations, including ships that use renewable energy as a means of propulsion. While serving a vanguard Navy, Air Liquide is also innovating. We have designed an oxygen and nitrogen production unit unlike any other in the world. More broadly, we manufacture gas production, storage, and regeneration systems for submarines and surface vessels and work on pioneering projects using our expertise in hydrogen and nitrogen.

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LNG BOG reliquefaction - Turbo Brayton solution

Some of the natural gas transported by methane tankers in liquefied form (LNG) evaporates naturally. This same problem plagues LNG-propelled vessels. Air Liquide has designed a cryogenic system based on reliable, economical, and compact Turbo-Brayton technology to reliquefy this gas and reuse it on boats.

Turbo-Brayton as Subcooler - BOG reliquefaction offshore

Oxygen/nitrogen generating unit

Based on its molecular sieve and permeable membrane gas separation technology, Air Liquide has designed a 99.5% pure oxygen and nitrogen production unit that can withstand harsh environments, making it usable on an aircraft carrier, for example. Among its strengths, the unit is very compact and not sensitive to the movements of the ship.

Oxygen / nitrogen generating unit integrated

LOx Tanks for submarines

In order to increase the range capacity of submarines in deep dives, manufacturers have developed anaerobic propulsion systems. Air Liquide offers them a cryogenic tank linked to a circuit distributing the liquid oxygen necessary for the propulsion of the submarine and the supply of breathing air to the crew.

Tanks for Air Independent Propulsion

Submarine atmosphere CO₂ removal

Every person aboard a submarine releases 20 L / h of CO₂. To ensure perfect air quality, our process of removing CO₂ by adsorption on molecular sieves is already used on many ships. Air Liquide is working to improve this application by introducing innovative processes.

Why choose us ?

  • Our discipline
    Air Liquide has, for many decades, been a Defense supplier and partner. We master the challenges of severe environments perfectly.

  • Our services
    We support shipbuilders from the start of their project to its finish, from pre-design feasibility studies to onsite launch.

  • Our performances
    To give just one example: the liquid oxygen tank of the MESMA power generator has a rupture probability of once every 114 155 years!