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Test center

A range of services, one of a kind in Europe

Air Liquide offers industrial and scientific customers the use of a test center that is unique in Europe, with the expertise of a dedicated team at their disposal. This 3-hectare site, located near Grenoble, was built in order to test, inspect, and qualify equipment for the needs of the space, aerospace, advanced cryogenics and hydrogen mobility industries.

3 hectares dedicated to trials

23 test areas or laboratories

29,500 L Liquid hydrogen storage capacity

Our team has acquired a high level of expertise in all kinds of studies, from the characterization of materials, to thermal cycle analysis, cryogenic trials of components or systems, pressure testing, and the simulation of thermal conditions on the ground, during take-off, and in space…

Testing, inspecting, and qualifying technologies

Every generation of the Ariane launch vehicle's tanks were tested at Air Liquide's test center. The test center, which is one of a kind in Europe, was built for the specific requirements of space cryogenics and has progressed as the cryogenic stages’ have become more efficient.

Today, the test center still hosts production tests for the Ariane 6 Liquid HElium Subsystem, and supports the development of several launchers.

At the forefront of energy transition

At the forefront of cryogenic and hydrogen studies, this secure zone now houses test areas dedicated to hydrogen mobility, distribution stations, fuel cells and the liquid hydrogen sector, whose development Air Liquide is promoting. The test center welcomes research institutes or industrialists to test the reliability of their own developments in the field of hydrogen mobility.

The test center is constantly evolving to support the latest developments in the fields of cryogenics and hydrogen.


Did you know? Air Liquide can design bespoke testbeds for specific needs, like the LH2 Testpad, dedicated to component testing in liquid hydrogen