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Space Access Conference - 9-11 April - Cap 15 Conference Center, Paris,

esa spatial

On the occasion of Space Access, Air Liquide will present its latest innovations in space such as the new technologies developed for future generations of the Ariane launcher or for exploration missions.

Partner of the Space Odyssey for more than 50 years, Air Liquide has a unique expertise in the area of space cryogenics. Founding member of Eurospace in 1961, Air Liquide advanced Technologies has continuously developed innovative solutions and pushed the limits of technology to meet institutional and industrial challenges.

Since the birth of the Ariane program in 1973 up to now, Air Liquide advanced Technologies is the design and manufacturing authority for the cryogenic tanks of all Ariane launchers.
In addition to launchers, Air Liquide advanced Technologies is involved in significant international scientific projects, such as Planck, Herschel, International Space station experiments, MTG, Curiosity…, thanks to its expertise in cryo cooling solutions for satellites and orbital systems.

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