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Air Liquide will be showcasing its innovative technological solutions at SIAE 2023

From June 19, 2023 to June 25, 2023
All day
Paris Le Bourget

On the occasion of this new edition of Paris Air Show, Air Liquide will present its latest innovative solutions for the decarbonization of the aerospace industry and space exploration.

A major partner of civil and military aviation,

Air Liquide designs and manufactures life-support equipment. Its protective breathing equipment (PBE) allow flight crews to breathe in case of polluted atmosphere (smoke on board, fire in the cabin, etc.) and are used by more than 300 airlines worldwide. The Group also designs and manufactures gas generation and distribution systems and storages, either on board aircraft for pilot or passengers or for ground support applications. Present across the entire hydrogen value chain, Air Liquide is capitalizing on its technical and industrial expertise in hydrogen to contribute to decarbonize aviation from the ground to the air. For aircraft as well as for airports, hydrogen could help cut emissions by 50% by 2050.

Committed to the space adventure for 60 years,

Air Liquide started by accompanying the Ariane program in the early 1970s, designing and manufacturing more than 700 tanks to date. Its expertise also includes launch pad infrastructure, on-board cryogenic systems for satellites, and ground test equipment for launchers and satellites. The Group is innovating in the field of space exploration by developing energy generation and storage technologies, as well as air purification equipment, to support future projects and missions, in particular to the Moon and then Mars, for a sustainable human presence in Space.