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Air Liquide will supply its Turbo-Brayton solution for Northern Europe’s largest biogas liquefaction plant

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Air Liquide will supply a complete liquefaction solution, including a Turbo-Brayton TBL-1800, to Scandinavian Biogas, a leading Nordic producer of biogas for its liquefaction plant in Gladö Kvarn, Sweden. This cutting-edge technology opens up new perspectives for medium scale liquefied biogas plants.

The plant operated by Scandinavian Biogas will initially produce 220 GWh of bio-Liquefied Natural Gas per year, making it the largest of its kind in Northern Europe. The plant will liquefy both the biogas from Gladö Kvarn but also the biogas from a production plant in Henriksdal in Stockholm. Liquefying the biogas allows our client to be cost-effective and sell it across Europe more easily.

The Air Liquide Turbo-Brayton product range for small and medium scale methane liquefaction is an efficient solution combining performance, reliability and compactness. The TBL-1800, enabling the liquefaction of 50 tons per day, is not only relevant when the liquefaction plant is directly connected to the gas network but also to an biogas upgrading unit. Several units have already been sold in Scandinavia and Germany, for a total biogas liquefaction capacity of more than 700 GWh per year.

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