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mesma machine

Oxygen / nitrogen generating unit integrated

into a harsh environment

Air Liquide is developing units for the production of oxygen and nitrogen in a marine environment to answer your needs in:

Gaseous oxygen on-board

  • To fill emergency egress devices and back-up cylinders for fighting aircraft,
  • For medical use, compliant with STANAG standards.

Liquid oxygen on-board

  • To fill oxygen converters for fighting aircraft.

Gaseous nitrogen on-board

  • To inert the jet fuel tank,
  • To purge hoses, pipe and external underwing fuel tanks,
  • To inflate tires, to fill landing struts and hydraulic system,
  • To cool infrared cameras and cells (optronics)

Key benefits

Easy-to-use: no special technical skills are required

Key technical characteristics

Specifications on request - Example of implementation:

  • Oxygen generation 

The 99.5% oxygen generating unit is designed to meet the following requirements: 
Normal operation: 50 to 100 Nm3/day 
Oxygen distribution in gaseous form up to 250 bar or liquid 

  • Nitrogen generation 

Production: 100 to 200 Nm3/day 
Nitrogen distribution in gaseous form up to 250 bar

  • Gas quality is continuously monitored in respect of each unit so that the purity of the gases generated can be verified


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