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In increasingly competitive markets, professionals in the gas, superconductivity, electronics and chemical industries have to respond to growing demands for performance, precision, and reliability to remain competitive. Air Liquide supports them by offering its expertise and its cutting edge technologies so they can maintain the advantage in their field. For instance, we helped build the world’s largest helium liquefaction plant in Qatar, link the longest superconducting cable to the power grid in the United States, and design the first connected gas cabinet.

Why choose us?

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    Our expertise

    Our experts listen to your needs and support you at each step in your project, supplying the most appropriate technology bricks.

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    The manufacture of our cooling units, liquefactor, and purifiers has been standardized in order to promote industrial processes and control costs.

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    Our industrial challenges

    The first, the biggest, and the most powerful in the world: for every challenge, a solution. Passionate, we are ready to tackle every challenge.