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Protective Breathing Equipment (PBE)

Quick donning for emergency situation, comfortable ergonomics and low cost of ownership thanks to compressed oxygen

This protective smoke hood, specially designed for cabin crew, uses compressed aerospace quality oxygen and delivers this oxygen to commercial flight crewmembers, as soon as it is put on, for 15 minutes of operating time. The Air Liquide PN 15-40F-80 hood is a protective breathing equipment specially designed for flight crewmembers. It allows crew to move about in a polluted atmosphere (smoke on board, or smoke coming from outside during evacuation, fire in the cabin, cabin contaminated by toxic fumes, suspect odors, etc.).


  • Fastest deployment on the market: under 8 seconds
  • Best ergonomy on the market for safety and comfort
    • Hood perfectly balanced for the wearer’s head
    • No adjustment needed once it is donned.
    • Very good visibility: a transparent visor treated with anti-fog coating
    • Improved communication
  • Low weight
    • Lightest clothing hood on the market (only 1.5 kg)
    • Light total packed (2.4 kg)
  • Shelf life: 10 years

How does it work?

Its original design gives precious extra seconds in operational circumstances. 

Fewer than 8 seconds are required to take the hood out of its box, rip open its sealed cover and put it over the head.  A soft neck seal allows donning while wearing glasses or head bun.The hood does not need to be adjusted once it is put on. This single size equipment adapts to all face configurations. Its weight is by design perfectly balanced on the head for optimum comfort. 

As soon as it is put on, it automatically delivers oxygen. The equipment is self-sufficient and operates as a closed circuit. It neutralizes the CO2 breathed out thanks to its (soda lime cartridge) and guarantees the user 15 minutes of operating time. A speech diaphragm facilitates communication with all available on board resources. The hood is also certified to protect against hypoxia (holding Civil Aviation Qualification QAC168), up to 25000 ft.

Logistics is facilitated since its compressed oxygen cartridge is subject to UN3072 that authorizes the transport in any aircraft (meaning not only cargo) as freight, unlike the solution with chemical oxygen generators.

While it is a single use emergency product, It is designed to be in service for 10 years.

Main technical characteristics

  • Oxygen source Pressure: 2175 PSI (150 bar) 
  • Capacity: 39 liters NTPD 
  • Weight Hood: 1.5 kg – 3.08 lbs 
  • Total packed weight: 2.47 kg – 5.4 lbs 
  • Packed dimensions: 315 x 315 x 70 mm - 12.40 x 12.40 x 2.76 inches 
  • Box: ULTEM™ 9085 made, flammability compliant
  • External enveloppe: Nomex®  made, fire resistant
  • Visor: Polycarbonate with anti-scratch and anti fog treatment
  • Shelf life: 10 years


  • FAA qualified: TSO C116
  • Manufactured under EASA PART21/G number: FR.21G.0068
  • DGAC (EASA member) Civil Aviation qualified: QAC 168
  • CAA qualified no.AR01086
  • IAC qualified N°035-3KИ
  • Repaired under EASA PART145 number FR.145.251
  • UN3072

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