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Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for Aviation & Defense

For aviation-grade oxygen and nitrogen supply in airport or remote locations

Air Liquide designs, manufactures and maintains a range of GSE solutions to provide gasses on the ground for civil and military aircraft. Our equipment enables the supply of both gaseous or liquid oxygen and nitrogen on base/airport or during deployment operations.



Key benefits

  • Allows an easier aircraft logistic,
  • Mobile, transportable or fixed systems
  • Compliant with aerospace & defense standard 
  • High purity of the gas produced (up to 99.5%)
  • Adaptable to specific needs
  • Low operating and maintenance costs


Product range

Air Liquide offers ground devices to meet the logistic requirements of both airlines and armies.

Air Liquide provides its expertise as a specialist of high technologies in the gas field throughout the GSE life cycle, from design to maintenance.

Aerospace-grade liquid and gaseous oxygen makes it possible to meet the needs of respiratory requirements for aircrew. It is used for oxygen filling of on-board LOx converters and cylinders as a source of breathable oxygen for emergency needs.

Aerospace-grade liquid and gaseous nitrogen is used for example to inert fuel tanks, inflate tires and for cold assembly of parts in workshops.


Example of systems includes:

Autonomous liquid and gaseous oxygen generator Oxyplane

Oxyplane is a NATO standard transportable solution to supply isolated sites with aviation breathing oxygen. Its 20-feet container format allows production of 60 liters of liquid oxygen per day and storage of 120 liters.

Liquid Oxygen (LOx) Plant

A stationary liquid oxygen generator for aircraft ground support and supply of aviation breathing oxygen. Optimized layout to offer a very compact solution with limited footprint. Typical production capacity is 2 tons per day (60Nm3/h).

Mobile liquid oxygen storage 

The mobile liquid oxygen storage tank is designed for storage and transportation of liquid oxygen as well as for filling breathable oxygen converters for pilots (on-board LOx converter), with 800 or 4200 liters capacity.  It can be equipped with a purge bench.

Mobile Gaseous Nitrogen Generator - GMAG

GMAG is an autonomous gaseous nitrogen generator for maintenance applications such as for landing gear, tire inflation, pneumatic cylinders. The GMAG can also provide nitrogen for optronic applications (capacity filling for cryogenic cooling systems). GMAG can also provide nitrogen for optronic applications. It provides a flow rate of 12 m3/hr (450 scf/h) up to 385 bar (5 500 psi).

Gaseous Pressured Vaporization Unit (GPV)

The GPV is a mobile system for the supply of high pressure liquid to gaseous nitrogen or oxygen for aircraft. It is available in two different versions: nitrogen ou oxygen. It is supplied with liquefied gas from fixed or mobile tanks . The GPV has a mobile storage solution of 250 liters, in order to vaporize it at high pressure. The filling pressure can reach 325 bar for nitrogen or 250 bar for oxygen.



Example of applicable standard:

  • STANAG 3624 (GMAG)
  • STANAG 7106 (LOx plant, OXYPLANE)
  • NATO (OXYPLANE, Mobile LOx tank)
  • CE certified (GMAG)

Specific requirements on demand.


Associated services

  • Design and manufacturing of Ground Support Equipment
  • Commissioning: Start-up supervision and support
  • Training of operation teams
  • Maintenance (preventive and curative)
  • Technical assistance and documentation
  • Spare parts
  • Upgrade and technical monitoring
  • Rebuild of equipment (upon request)

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Air Liquide designs, manufactures and services gas-related equipment on board aircraft and on the ground, for civil and military markets.

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