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Air Liquide, a trusted partner of scientific research


Air Liquide, partner of scientific research

Pushing back the limits of science, probing the origins of matter, accelerating photons, protons and other particles, developing superconductive material, mastering new energy sources like fusion: cryogenics provides boundless possibilities. That's why, with 50 years' expertise in extremely low temperatures, Air Liquide is recognized as a partner of scientific research. We design and supply cold production, liquefaction, and cryogenic fluid storage and distribution systems for laboratories and large scientific equipment.

Why choose us

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    Our experience

    Air Liquide has worked with the research centers behind air liquefaction and the first liquefiers, and is a partner of major scientific projects (ITER, CERN).

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    Our flexibility

    A custom-designed cryogenic system for every project. Even standard machines are adapted to the needs of each customer and every research project.

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    Our range

    Helium, nitrogen, hydrogen, or methane; standard or customized; 80, 20.4, or 2K with a variety of flows or cryogenic capacities: you will find the system you need in our range.