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Refrigeration around 20 K

Our 20 K refrigerators can cool any cryogenic application requiring refrigeration power from 500 W to 14 kW and more.

Typically intended for Cold Neutron sources, our refrigeration systems are custom sized for the needs of the customer's application. They include the refrigerator capable of delivering helium at the required temperature (around 20 K) as well as the fluid storage and distribution system and occasionally the helium-cooled hydrogen/deuterium system.


Applications served

  • Cold neutron sources
  • Deuterium distillation


Customer benefits

  • Qualification at Air Liquide: possibility to test the equipment in Hydrogen on the Air Liquide test area
  • High performance: customized systems with optimum efficiency allowing a reduction in operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance: by choosing highly reliable components requiring reduced maintenance
  • Reduced operating team : by an automation allowing to operate the units in standard daytime hours and not in shifts (3x8h ...)


Main technical characteristics

  • Lubricated screw compressor
  • De-oiling system and cycle pressure management
  • Cold box integrating Air Liquide turbines with static gas bearings
  • Automatic management of the system's cold start-up, nominal operation of the refrigerator and its shutdown
  • Helium/Hydrogen (or Deuterium) exchangers with associated transfer and storage systems



  • ASME Stamp U (USA) - HPGSL (Japan) - AQSIQ (China)
  • CE / ASME marking without stamp



  • ILL (France)
  • CEA Saclay Orphee Reactor (France)
  • GKSS (Germany)
  • HMI (Germany)
  • ANSTO-INVAP (Australia)
  • Helium / hydrogen refrigeration for ISIS Target Station 2 (UK)

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