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Hydrogen liquefaction

Air Liquide has designed HYLIAL, a range of hydrogen liquifiers based on the principle of helium cycles

Key Figures

​​​​​​The HYLIAL is a hydrogen liquefier capable of supplying 500 to 1,500 L/h of liquid hydrogen for hydrogen electric vehicles, space test centers, and microelectronics. It operates according to the principle of helium cycles. Air Liquide can supply a complete system, including the liquefier and all the ancillary storage equipment.

HYLIALs are fitted with static gas-bearing turbines, which supply the cooling power through a helium loop that liquefies the hydrogen.

In order to satisfy the needs of industries such as microelectronics and hydrogen-powered electric vehicles, Air Liquide has designed HYLIAL, a range of hydrogen liquifiers based on the principle of helium cycles. We can provide complete systems that include - in addition to the liquifier - of accessory components needed for storage.

  • 600 L/h of hydrogen produced per HYLIAL on the Xichang launch pad
  • 800 L/h of hydrogen produced by the HYLIAL for the Sustainable Development Technology Canada organization
  • 1,500 L/h of hydrogen produced per HYLIAL on the Wengchang launch pad


Efficiency, simplicity, and technical specificities





550 kW

600 L/h


690 kW

800 L/h

HYLIAL 1 500

1 260 kW

1 500 L/h

Each HYLIAL has an oil removal and cycle pressure management system. It includes nitrogen pre-cooling. The air- or water-cooled compressor is automated, as is the system cooling, and the nominal operating conditions and liquefier shut-down. The cold box includes the instrumentation and control system with a touch screen and an electrical cabinet. The storage and distribution equipment are optional.


Key Benefits

  • Highly reliable ǀ thanks to a helium loop that is separated from the hydrogen circuits, and processes that are compliant with international standards and a production quality assurance system
  • Easy to install and operate ǀ thanks to a user-friendly interface with touch control screen, automated operation piloted by a control system, and remote access by modem / internet
  • Highly efficient ǀ thanks to an optimized pressure ratio for the compressor, static gas-bearing turbo-expanders (up to 82 %), pre-cooling of the cycle, and continuous ortho/para conversion of hydrogen to improve production
  • Reduced maintenance ǀ thanks to a self-diagnostic system that anticipates breakdowns
  • Controlled operating costs ǀ with minimal consumption of utilities (compressed air, nitrogen, water, electricity), and a compact system that can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures
  • Compliance with standards ǀ ASME Stamp U (USA) - HPGSL (Japan) - AQSIQ (China) CE marking / ASME without stamp


Solid references

  • Xichang launch pad in the Province of Sichuan, China
  • Wenchang launch pad on the island of Hainan, China
  • BLC space institute near Beijing, China (2 HYLIALs)
  • HTEC Hydrogen Technology and Energy Corporation (Canada)

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