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Axane, fuel cell expertise

Our Axane fuel cell solutions meet the specific needs of a wide range of markets, from stationary power generation to hydrogen-powered mobility: light and heavy mobility, marine, space, aerospace, auxiliary power and telecommunications.

Axane draws on the expertise of the Air Liquide group in the hydrogen sector for over 60 years to design and develop innovative standard and customized fuel cell solutions that focus on performance, reliability, high power density and long lifetime.

Whether you're looking for differentiating solutions or need to meet specific performance requirements, Axane can help you.

20+ years of expertise

100+ patents filed

300+ fuel cell systems deployed worldwide

10,000+ Axane fuel cell installations worldwide

Carbon technology

Metal technology

  • Transport - heavy vehicles (trucks, buses, trains)
  • Stationary applications


  • Transport - Automotive, aviation
Power density
  • Peak: 3.1 kW/L & 3.2 kW/kg
  • Nominal: 2.2 kW/L
Power density
  • Peak : 7 kW/L and 5 kW/kg
  • Nominal: 5 kW/L
Key benefits
  • Medium power density
  • Long service life
  • Low development cost
  • Low production costs for small and medium production runs
Key benefits
  • Very high power density
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Low production costs for large production runs

Technical features 

  • Bipolar plates for optimized compactness

  • Deposited seals for increased reliability and reduced assembly costs

  • New AMEs (membrane electrode assemblies) & improved channels for exceptional electrical performance: 1.2 W/cm2 from 1 barg

  • New clamping for greater compactness

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Technical features 

  • Thin metal bipolar plates for optimized compactness

  • Deposited seals for increased reliability and reduced assembly costs

  • Compatible with high pressure: up to 2.5 barg

  • Composite clamping plates to optimize stack weight

  • New AMEs (membrane electrode assemblies) & improved channels for outstanding electrical performance: 1.45 W/cm2 from 1 barg

  • Compliant with automotive industry requirements

Download product data sheet


Access our cutting-edge technologies, differentiate your product and increase your profitability with our unique manufacturing license model.

What's in it for you?

  • Competitive differentiation: enhance your product's performance and stay ahead of the competition with fuel cells of your choice featuring the latest innovations. Our fuel cells are renowned for their power density, scalability, adaptability and robustness.


  • Technological independence: with our licensing model, you gain access not only to our technology, but also to technological independence on the most critical component of your product, and the one with the highest added value.



  • Reduced costs: we minimize the cost of licenses by sharing them in the form of royalties, guaranteeing a long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnership.

  • Increase your revenue streams by diversifying them: the license entitles you to service and replace spare parts for Axane fuel cells.


  • Full support: we'll help you design your system and set up the optimum manufacturing and industrialization of your fuel cell. Our team of dedicated experts will be on hand to provide technical assistance and ensure you get the most out of our technology.


Are you looking for a high-performance fuel cell tailored to your needs? To improve your product's lifespan? Need to resolve reliability and safety issues? Optimize your production costs?

Tailor-made high-performance stack design

In collaboration with your team, we design your metal or carbon plate stack according to your specifications.

Our expertise ensures that we design a product whose performance matches or exceeds that of the best stacks available on the market.

We then build a prototype to validate the compliance of your fuel cell system with your specifications:

  • Electrical performance,

  • Mechanical characteristics,

  • Reliability,

  • Service life,

  • Manufacturing cost,

  • Compliance with applicable standards

This prototype undergoes extensive testing at our Test Center in Sassenage, France. Our teams can then manufacture pre-production runs, enabling you to test your products in real-life situations.

Stack integration into your equipment

We can help you design your fuel cell system to ensure optimum performance and reliability over time.

Our experts draw up functional architecture diagrams, mechanical, fluidic and thermal studies, and analyze and prevent potential risks. They draw up detailed plans for the fuel cell system, including component specifications and control systems.

Our test facilities enable us to qualify sub-components and validate compliance with specifications.

Skills transfer and manufacturing license

We can transfer skills and operating rights to your teams, so that you can independently manufacture and market your hydrogen fuel cell system.

We'll support you every step of the way, from assembly methods and tools to supply chain construction, quality control and acceptance testing.