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Air Liquide designs, manufactures and services gas-related equipment on board aircraft and on the ground, for civil and military markets.
Our systems ensure generation, storage and distribution of oxygen and nitrogen, with stringent regulatory and environmental requirements. Our mission is to protect the life of pilots, crew and passengers and ensure the safety of aircraft.
In addition, our expertise in cryogenics and hydrogen will be at the forefront of clean aviation.

Onboard oxygen systems

Our life support systems are designed based on Air Liquide knowledge of human physiology for breathing needs in highly demanding situations.

By producing and regulating the flow of oxygen-enriched air onboard military aircraft, Air Liquide's OBOGS standalone generating system covers the respiratory needs of pilots and protection against acceleration, thanks to an exclusive electromechanical regulator.

Portable oxygen equipment

Safety requires both quick deployment and excellent ergonomics. Air Liquide’s portable oxygen equipment is used for emergency or therapeutic purposes on commercial flights. Its low weight and cost of ownership meets the needs of civil operators.

Onboard nitrogen generating systems

Air Liquide’s OBIGGS is a standalone system for producing nitrogen on board aircraft and helicopters that works through filtration by polymer fibers. To prevent fire or explosion, adding nitrogen in the fuel tank reduces the oxygen level, thus preventing kerosene vapors from igniting.

Air Separation Module

Based on a hollow fiber molecular separation process, the ASM (Air Separation Module) produces the flow of Nitrogen Enriched Air. It is the part of the inerting system (OBIGGS or NGS) on civil or military aircraft. Air Liquide designs and manufactures its own membrane technology.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

In order to meet the challenging logistical constraints of supplying gasses in airport,  armed forces bases or remote locations, Air Liquide has developed a range of mobile, transportable and fixed GSE. Our systems enable the generation and storage of both liquid or gaseous oxygen and nitrogen. 


Air Liquide masters mini cryogenic cooling systems for infrared detectors. Joule-Thomson cooling effect allows for rapid cooling, on the ground or on board, under severe constraints. This technique improves the accuracy of detectors.

Why choose us?

  • Expertise in gas
    As a world leader in gases, technologies and services, we master the gas separation and control techniques as well as the air treatment in confined atmosphere

  • Experience
    Over 1,000,000 flight hours completed by our OBOGS
    Over 100,000 Protective Breathing Equipment delivered

  • Reliability & sustainability
    We insure a high level of quality for products and services to our customers