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Turbo-Brayton for BOG reliquefaction on LNG terminals

An ideal solution for boil-off reliquefaction on small LNG terminals (<500,000 m3)

Turbo-Brayton technology for boil-off gas (BOG) reliquefaction allows the optimal management of boil-offs in LNG storage.

The easy-to-install skid-mounted product is suitable for all types of containment technology. As a BOG reliquefaction system, Turbo-Brayton is efficient and extremely reliable, with cooling power available instantly from standby mode and a low power consumption. The maintenance interval is 5 years.

The Turbo-Brayton range offers reliquefaction capacities from 0.2 ton/h to 3 ton/h, with additional range possible  by duplicating the modules. This boil-off reliquefaction system can be installed on new constructions or during a retrofit operation.


Turbo-Brayton range


Key benefits

  • Single-skid solution: Easy installation, plug-and-play design, quick start, small footprint
  • Simple integration thanks to sub-cooling
  • Safety with inert and non-flammable gas, leak tight
  • High reliability: with contactless and oil-free technology - MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of 105,000 h
  • No additional operating costs: no compressed air, no oil, no nitrogen or additional refrigerant gas
  • Vibration free
  • Significantly reduced preventive maintenance: just a few days every 5 years
  • Fully automatic operation without human intervention
  • Operation possible between 0% and 100% and high efficiency over the entire operating range
  • Operational flexibility: unlimited number of starts and stops, no waiting time between starts and stops


With more than 140 Turbo-Brayton systems sold, Air Liquide is a world leader in BOG reliquefaction offshore.

Onshore, the Turbo-Brayton equips the Higas LNG terminal in Sardinia to manage the BOG

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