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[Marine] A first success for the Turbo-Brayton-1050

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Off the coast of South Korea, Air Liquide recently demonstrated the performance capabilities of its Turbo-Brayton-1050 (TBF-1050) cryogenic unit – whose purpose is the re-liquefaction of boil-off gas on board LNG carriers – with results that exceeded the guaranteed values.

This is a first for a TBF-1050 of this size: it is three times more powerful than the TBF-350. Made in record time, this system is testimony to Air Liquide's ability to meet its customers' technical requirements for this new generation of products. A second TBF-1050 unit will soon be commissioned.

The range also extends to equipment that is just as compact as this product but with even greater re-liquefaction capacity, like the TBF-1225 and the TBF-1400, to meet the needs of larger LNG carriers.

Air Liquide's Turbo-Brayton technology is a reliable and economical cryogenic system that requires no maintenance. It was designed to re-liquefy boil-off gas from LNG carriers, to reuse it on the vessels in liquid form. The range goes from the TBF-175 to the TBF-1400, and also meets refrigeration and liquefaction needs for land applications at temperatures of between -250°C and -70°C.

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