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Alpes Instruments joins Air Liquide Advanced Technologies

  • Aerospace

The international aeronautic construction market has been expanding rapidly since the early 1990s, a trend that is expected to continue apace in the years ahead.

Founded in 1985 by two engineers - an electronics specialist and a mechanical engineer - Alpes Instruments specializes in developing electromechanical systems for regulating gas flow and probe positioning.

By combining the knowhow of Alpes Instruments in the area of regulation valves with the Group’s expertise in molecular sieves and membranes, Air Liquide has demonstrated that these technologies can be allied to produce highperformance, flexible and reliable oxygenation and inerting systems to assist pilots and aircraft crew and promote flight safety.

When the owners decided to sell their business, Air Liquide Advanced Technologies acquired Alpes Instruments, already a major partner and supplier. This acquisition gives ALAT a stronger position in the aeronautics industry. The company, based in Meylan (Isère), currently employs 20 people and generates annual revenue of around €3M.

According to Xavier Vigor, CEO of Air Liquide Advanced Technologies :

“With this investment, Air Liquide acquires the key technologies of its core aerospace business, as well as access to the investment and organizational capacity of Alpes Instruments. In addition to improving its ability to address market demand, Air Liquide would also like to develop the company via these innovative technologies and, in so doing, access and meet the needs of new markets and products in other major areas including space, health care and new energies.”

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