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Air Liquide's technology takes off with the A400M

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A partner of the A400M programme since the outset, Air Liquide is proud to be able to include its "OBOGS" technology among those fitted on the first aircraft delivered for France today.

France will sign off the first A400M – Airbus's ultra-modern military transport plane – in Spain today, and the aircraft will be fitted with an oxygen generation system designed by Air Liquide. 
The A400M represents the most modern and competitive solution for meeting European needs in terms of tactical transportation, logistics, humanitarian aid, and peacekeeping.

The OBOGS is an on-board oxygen generation system. This equipment packs a huge number of innovations and makes it possible to enrich the air in oxygen, thereby meeting the physiological needs of the seven crew members at altitudes of up to 25,000 feet (7,600 metres).
Getting its energy supply from the plane's engines, the OBOGS can provide an unlimited amount of oxygen for the crew, which makes it possible to get beyond concerns about range and logistic constraints: a true leap forward and a real advantage.

Certified last March and declared "airworthy" (fit for flying), Air Liquide's OBOGS has already been fitted to several of these new aircraft, including the one delivered today for France.

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