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Air Liquide creates a new network of company to answer the necessity of innovation

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The Executive Leadership Team at Air Liquide recently highlighted “the appetite for innovation” among the three mega trends that will guide our action in the next few years.

Innovation is a factor of the differentiation and survival our Group needs to maintain its short-term performances and its long-term future.
To carry out this strategy, two new organizations have been set up. The goal of the first, Advanced Business & Technologies - aB&T - is to ensure that the innovations and technologies developed are more efficiently brought to market. As for the second, the iLab - reporting to R&D - its role is to invent them.

Positioned at the forefront to market new technologies for new business, the new network Air Liquide Advanced Business & Technologies has been created last spring. This network of companies animated by the same corporate spirit, innovative, agile and organized into four main units: 

  • Advanced Business 
  • Advanced Technologies 
  • Advanced IT
  • Advanced Investment

Advanced Technologies is a pool of technology development. Thought the design, manufacturing and installation of gas equipment, it gives the Group unique leadership in the gas business. It provides aB&T with technical solutions to develop new markets, thanks to innovation and competitiveness.
Advanced Technologies is also a center of excellence for training new hires, which help enrich the Group’s Talent pool.

aB&T has a new logo which is the umbrella brand of the network. Therefore Air Liquide Advanced Technologies changes its logo but keep its legal entity.

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