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Aerospace : Air Liquide reaches a landmark in 2017

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Air Liquide produced 6,000 protective smoke hoods in 2017; a significant increase on the number produced in 2016. These devices can now be found on board the aircraft of 12 new airline companies. 

The smoke hood is a respiratory protection device specially designed to allow cabin crew to continue to fulfil their duties in the event of an incident or an emergency when the atmosphere is polluted (smoke on board, smoke from outside during an evacuation, fire in the cabin, cabin contaminated with toxic fumes, etc.).

It takes less than 15 seconds to remove the smoke hood from its box, open its sealed packaging, and put it over your head. The smoke hood does not require any adjustments before putting on. This one-size-fits-all device is suitable for all face types. As soon as it is placed over your head, the smoke hood automatically delivers oxygen, neutralizes the CO2 breathed out (thanks to a soda-lime cartridge), and gives the user 15 minutes' worth of oxygen. A speech diaphragm enables communication with all on-board devices, whatever the situation.

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