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62nd consecutive successful launch for the European launcher Ariane 5!

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Air Liquide welcomes that the flight VA 220 of October 16th was a success.This launch orbited simultaneously two telecommunications satellites: Intelsat-30/DLA-1 for two global telecommunications players, Intelsat and DIRECTV, and ARSAT-1 for the argentinian regional operator ARSAT.

Air Liquide, at the heart of the Ariane launcher

Air Liquide and Euro Cryospace (a strategic partnership between Air Liquide and Airbus Defense & Space) are involved from the design of the cryotechnical tanks to their integration into the launcher’s systems, proposing innovative solutions that address the challenges inherent in the science and conquest of the universe. At the Kourou launch site, Air Liquide Spatial Guyane produces and supplies all the gases and related services needed to launch the Ariane rocket.

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