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25 years of flying for Air Liquide's oxygen generating system OBOGS!

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Air Liquide's OBOGS (On-Board Oxygen Generating System) celebrated the 25th anniversary of its first flight on November 24th.

On the 24th of November 1989, Air Liquide's OBOGS flew for the first time, onboard a military fighter aircraft. This special date is the occasion for us to present the benefits of an emblematic product among Air Liquide advanced Technologies' offer for the aeronautic market, illustration of its capacity to provide innovative and long-lasting high technolgy solutions to its clients. 

The OBOGS is an autonomous generator of oxygen enriched air for weapon, training or transportation aircrafts. It produces and delivers the oxygen required onboard to meet all the physiological needs (breathable gas and anti-G protection) of the pilots or the crew, however long or complex the assignment they are on may be. Pilots of aicrafts integrating such system are not restricted by oxygen supply issues, and  therefore have unlimited cruising autonomy.

Over the years, Air Liquide has developped oxygen generation and regulation technologies for the OBOGS that established themselves as reliable solutions, offering unequalled performances and constantly evolving to remain at the cutting-edge of technology.

Preferred solution for many recent military aeronautics programs, Air Liquide's OBOGS will tomorrow equip over half of new generation aircrafts, and ambition to equip civil aircafts as well in a close future. It is therefore no near to vanishing into thin air!

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