Helium refrigeration around 4.5 K

Customized refrigerators for large cryogenic projects

Our 4.5 K refrigerators can cool any cryogenic application requiring cooling power from 500 W to 30 kW and more.

Designed for research centers using superconductors for their experiments: particle gas pedals, nuclear fusion experimental reactors, synchrotrons, our refrigeration systems are custom designed for the needs of the customer's applications. They include the helium refrigerator capable of delivering helium in the required form (liquid, supercritical ...) not only at 4.5 K but also at the required intermediate temperatures (80K shielding ...), as well as the fluid storage and distribution system, and the purification systems if required


Key benefits

  • High performance: customized systems with optimum efficiencies allowing a reduction in operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance: through the choice of high reliability components requiring reduced maintenance
  • Reduced operating crew: by automating the operation of the units in standard daytime hours and not in shifts (3x8h ...)


Main technical characteristics

  • Lubricated screw compressor
  • De-oiling system and cycle pressure management
  • Cold box integrating Air Liquide turbines with static gas bearings
  • Nitrogen pre-cooling included if necessary
  • Automatic management of the system's cold start, nominal operation of the refrigerator and its shutdown
  • Optional storage and distribution equipment



  • ASME Stamp U (USA) - HPGSL (Japan) - AQSIQ (China)
  • CE / ASME marking without stamp



  • Helium cooling system for the LHC gas pedal at CERN
  • Helium refrigeration system for the KSTAR tokamak
  • Helium refrigeration system for the ITER Tokamak
  • Helium refrigeration system for the LCLS-II gas pedal at SLA

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