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Candi - Precursor distribution system


A continuous dispenser for advanced low vapor pressure precursors that are used with your deposition processes.

The Candi system is designed to provide end users with a continuous supply of a low vapor pressure liquid precursor (>1 Torr) delivered at a steady pressure.


Typical applications: liquid precursor supply to Direct Liquid Injection (DLI), on-board bubbler or vaporizer and on-board buffer canister.

Varied examples of possible precursors:

  • BPSG processes: TEOS, TEPO, TEB...
  • Low-k dielectrics: 4MS, TMCTS, OMCTS, DMPS, BCHD..
  • High-k dielectrics: DMAI, TDMAS, 4DMAS...
  • Low-T SiN/SiO: HCDS, SAM.24TM, BTBAS...


Pressurized helium is used to transfer a precursor from the shuttle canister to an internal day tank and from this day tank to the tool. The day tank allows for the continuous dispensing of the chemical during a shuttle canister change-out. The patented Candi purge, which uses gas compression and expansion cycles, ensures a safe shuttle canister change-out and prevents the contamination of a supplied precursor often very sensitive to air and moisture.

+ Other patented features, such as the back-up distribution mode, the day tank level control and the empty shuttle canister detection technique for maximum chemical use, ensure a reliable & cost saving distribution of the precursor to the process.


The Candi is qualified by most tool manufacturers for 300-mm processes:

  • Referenced on multiple OEMs platforms
  • Pre-defined interfacing with multiple OEMs
Candi - Precursor distribution system
Candi - Precursor distribution system


  • Precise delivery pressure control (± 50 mbar) for the most demanding applications
  • System adapts to any SEMI-compliant shuttle canister up to 40L
  • 8L day tank
  • Patented back-up mode for improved reliability
  • Smart Empty Control for maximal chemical usage
  • Chemical purge sequence validated with live chemicals
  • PLC based technology with 10” color touch screen
  • Ethernet communication port for SCADA monitoring
  • Customized signal interface



  • On-board vacuum pump
  • On-board degassing device
  • Pigtails heating
  • Up to 4 on-board outlet processes
  • Valves Manifold Box (VMB) for distribution to multiple points of use
  • Different communication protocols available
  • Start-up and operator training


Safety features

  • Fully automatic distribution and canister change-out sequences
  • Easy to reach “Emergency Machine Off” button
  • Standard exhaust flow alarm
  • Optional fire and gas detection alarms
  • Leak detection
  • Open door detection
  • Individual pressure switch and relief valve on N2 and He pressurized lines
  • Timers for pressurization/depressurization of each tank, for day tank refill
  • Precise alarm messages
  • Operator intervention reduced to a minimum
  • Multi-level password protection to restrict access to critical functions


  • MTBF*: 8,760 hours
  • Uptime: 99.98%

*Mean Time Between Failure

Utilities requirements


7 barg, UHP, 1 Nm3/h


7 barg, UHP, 10 Nm3/h


7 barg, 5 Nm3/h

Exhaust < 2 Torr
Vacuum 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power UPS, 110/240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1kVA


Process data

Chemical maximum flow rate: 1 slpm when working at Candi maximum pressure of 5 barg


  • CE Mark
  • SEMI S2 certified
  • Atex zone 2 for process compartment