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Xenon ground support equipment

Xenon loading cart

Air Liquide has developed a reliable xenon loading cart

For xenon filling and emptying operations, as well as pressure tests on ionic propulsion systems, Air Liquide has developed a xenon loading cart. Ionic propulsion is now an ultra-efficient technology for controlling satellites in orbit. The thrusters are powered by high-pressure xenon, whose exceptional properties make it possible to reduce the satellite's mass and extend its life by several years.

High-pressure loading that meets the requirements of space application

Pressure 150 bar
Loading mass 300 kg of xenon in less than 16 hours at 150 bar
Mass of the loading cart

less than 700 kg

Operating power 7,5 kW
Size 1,60 m x 1,90 m x 1,20 m
Xenon Loading Carts

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A few key benefits

Highly reliable And spaceproof   
Total control

Of satellite tank warming during pressurization

Record filling time Less than 16 hours
Precise monitoring Of the flow and the mass loaded
Completely leak-proof  
Control of xenon purity Up to 99.999%-pure
Compliance with standards

In accordance with European and American mechanical and electrical standards  

Solid references

  • Baïkonour space center (Kazakhstan)