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Workshop on Cryogenic Operations, October 25 - 27, Batavia, USA

"turbo brayton" "cryogenie"

Meet Air Liquide's experts at the 2016 Cryo-Ops workshop, taking place between 25 and 27 October at Fermilab's laboratory in Batavia (IL), USA.

The aim of these workshops is to present the applications of cryogenic systems in scientific research. Researchers and manufacturers are expected at the event to discuss technological advances in the field of cryogenics.

Cryogenics expert Air Liquide will present its high-tech Turbo-Brayton system for refrigeration and liquefaction in extremely powerful systems. It guarantees high operational reliability and energy efficiency.

Air Liquide partners industrial laboratories, research centers, large-scale scientific equipment, and R&D departments in the field of cryogenics. With more than 50 years' technical, industrial, and commercial experience in mechanical cold production, liquefaction, storage, and distribution of cryogenic fluids at very low temperatures, Air Liquide has unrivalled expertise.

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