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Ultra-pure purifiers - Japan Pionics

Ultra-pure purifiers - Japan Pionics

The full range from one of the world leaders in the purification of bulk or specialty gases, available for ultra-high purity applications!

Air Liquide is the exclusive distributor (Europe, USA, Russia, China, etc.) of the entire gas purifier range (adsorption, catalytics, Palladium membrane, Getter etc.) from the equipment manufacturer Japan Pionics Co. Ltd.

In order to meet all aspects of the market demand for ultra-pure gases and tailor an optimized offer to the needs of its customers in electronics, Air Liquide has available all the purification solutions from the manufacturer Japan Pionics Co. Ltd, in addition to its cryogenic purifier offering ULTRALTM. 

Depending on the applications, the impurities to be removed or flow rates, the choice of purifier can be based on different technologies ranging from ppb to sub-ppb: UIP (adsorption), UOP (catalytic + adsorption), URT (getter), JLS (Palladium membrane).

  • UIP: series allowing conventional impurities (H20, CO, CO2, O2, H2) in inert gases (N2, He, Ar, etc.) to be removed at ambient temperature
  • UOP: series specific to oxygen purification. Similar to UIP but has an additional reactor for the elimination of CH4 and CO
  • URT, UHG: series that uses a heated high performance getter to remove conventional impurities including the most difficult such as N2 and CH4 from inert gases (URT) or hydrogen (UHG)
  • JLS: series of Hydrogen purifiers with heated Palladium membrane


Key benefits

  • Easy-to-use automatic purifier with touch control screen
  • UIP models: 2 or 3 purification columns operating in parallel to provide continuous automatic purification 24H/24H. Automatic regeneration
  • URT, UHG models: Extended operating life cycle of cartridges compared with traditional getters: 20,000H under standard conditions!
  • The alliance between one of world leaders in ultra-pure gas purification and one of the world leaders in gas
Electronics & Optoelectronics documentation

Electronics & Optoelectronics documentation

PDF - 1.88 MB


  • CE - ASME - AQSIQ (China) - HPGSL (Japan)


  • AMD
  • IMEC

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