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u m as parle d'integrer le meme contact lorsqu il n y a pas de contact sur fiche produit, lequel est ce ?

Tanks for Air Independent Propulsion

Compact cryogenic system for AIP submarines, for increased endurance while diving

These tanks are used to store the liquid oxygen required to propel the submarine when diving and to provide breathing air for the crew.

The system comprises a cryogenic tank and circuits for distributing oxygen to the different functions. 
Storage volumes are tailored to needs which can vary between one m3 and several hundreds m3. 
The system adjusts its distribution as a function of the needs of the installed AIP (Direct combustion in pure oxygen, Powering a reformer, Fuel cell) and can deliver low pressure or high pressure gas flow rates, or a combination of the two. The on-board oxygen supply line is tailored to the size of the crew.

Key benefits

  • Good thermal efficiency: no need for sea draining
  • Good resistance to military impacts specified up to 15 g, in compliance with weight requirements
  • Management of safety functions in a confined environment and in a severe marine environment
  • Quality of oxygen for crew and fuelcell technology

Principle technical characteristics

  • Materials compatible with Oxygen, with cryogenic temperatures and with the marine environment
  • Components qualified in environmental resistance: impacts, vibrations, platform movements, electromagnetic compatibility, saline surroundings, climatic cycles, fire


AIP submarine MESMA (DCNS, France)
AIP submarine S-80 (NAVANTIA, Spain)