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chambre simulation spatiale

Space Simulation Chamber

Air Liquide designs and manufactures space simulation chambers for the aerospace industry

Air Liquide designs and manufactures space simulation chambers for the aerospace industry, in order to reproduce the difficult conditions that satellites and their components will be subjected to (vacuum, extreme temperatures, radiation, etc.) on the ground. We can supply complete integrated systems, as well as different elements, like cryogenic panels, to reproduce the temperatures seen in space, with the possibility of regulating the temperature in order to simulate the heat from the sun's rays. We have also developed a nitrogen vaporization system that reproduces the acoustic environment of a launch vehicle during takeoff.


  • Vacuum pumping system ǀ atmospheric pressure of up to 10-6 mbar
  • Thermal system ǀ 4 kW to 100 kW at 100K for nitrogen and 20W to 500W at 20K for helium
  • Vacuum chamber ǀ 2 at 1 000 m3
  • Variation in temperatures ǀ -170°C at +170°C
  • Chambre d’essais acoustiques ǀ flux d’azote 9 kg/s

Key Benefits

  • Expertises | Refrigeration processes at very low temperatures, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and modeling, waterproofing, design and modeling under high vacuum, equipment and cleanliness of gases
  • Engineering | Advanced engineering and design techniques, advanced engineering capabilities for mechanical dimensioning and modeling of low temperature materials behavior, in-depth knowledge of technical engineering standard
  • Very high reliability | Dozens of space simulation chambers already equipped in the world
  • Maximum Security | Best Practices in Risk Management and Operational Security and Control Systems


  • Thalès Alenia Space in Cannes (2004) and in Turkey (2014)
  • GOKTURK Projet  (2012)Thermal generators (2009)
  • Vacuum chambers 330 KA and ESP70 (2008)
  • PIVOINE Cryopompe (2006)…