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Customized refrigeration system

Air Liquide has developed specific know-how in the design of bespoke cryogenic equipment for nuclear fusion research projects: Tore Supra in France, JET in Great Britain, SST-1 in India, KSTAR in South Korea, and JT-60SA in Japan. For ITER, we are supplying the biggest centralized refrigeration system ever built.

Why choose us

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    Our experience

    Air Liquide has worked with the research centers behind air liquefaction and the first liquefiers, and is a partner of major scientific projects (ITER, CERN).

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    Our flexibility

    A custom-designed cryogenic system for every project. Even standard machines are adapted to the needs of each customer and every research project.

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    Our range

    Helium, nitrogen, hydrogen, or methane; standard or customized; 80, 20.4, or 2K with a variety of flows or cryogenic capacities: you will find the system you need in our range.