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Obiggs for military aircraft. NGS Nitrogen Generating System. Inerting system.

OBIGGS for aircraft

Protect the aircraft tanks against explosion

A reliable and autonomous inerting system to protect the aircraft fuel tanks against any risk of fire or explosion

The OBIGGS is a system composed of well-proven equipment generating directly Nitrogen on board to fully protect the aircraft tanks against explosion. Autonomous, it does not require any logistics.

The hollow fiber separation process

Based on a hollow fiber separation process, the OBIGGS allows to produce during the mission the flow of Nitrogen Enriched Air (NEA) requested to protect the aircraft. Part of the oxygen contained in the fuel tank is replaced by Nitrogen, keeping the vapours non-flammable.
The OBIGGS includes a filtration chain, a pressure & temperature controller, an oxygen sensor and air separation modules. Depending on the applications, it can integrate a Temperature Management System to condition the bleed air. Compressed air is directly tapped an aircraft air circuit and transformed into NEA that is directly distributed in the fuel tanks.  
15-years experience in fuel tanks explosion reduction enables Air Liquide to support the customer also for the design the distribution system: Inerting modelling, piping sizing, NEA injection location, supply of distribution components. The use of the OBIGGS does not need any calibration or logistic operation before the flight. By means of the control of a selected set of signals generated by the OBIGGS, the crew is permanently aware of the status of the equipment.


  Cargo aircraft Training aircraft
Weight < 35 kg < 10 kg
NEA Flow

up to 2 lb/min

up to 0,2 lb/min
NEA up to 1 % O2 up to 4 % O2
Power supply 28 Vdc 28 Vdc

Key benefits

  • Fast and accurate regulation of the gas
  • Flexible and simple integration
  • Compact lightweight system
  • No calibration nor logistic
  • Control signals to be aware permanently of the operational status of the equipment
  • Reduced schedule maintenance
  • Integrated controller
  • Temperature Management System allowing to use bleed air with temperatures up to 400°C
  • Full Air Liquide support for OBIGGS integration and gas distribution design

Key technical charateristics

  • Separation by MEDAL hollow fibers membrane
  • Integrated controller including a pressure regulator, A shut-off valve, a flow regulator and an oxygen analyser


  • Qualified according to MIL-STD standards


  • Alenia C27J military cargo aircraft
  • CASA-EADS C295 military cargo aircraft
  • Aero Vodochody L159 training / fighter aircraft

Discover also

analyser in obogs

Oxygen analyzer

As part of an OBIGGS, the oxygen analyzer ensures that the system is in good working order. It analyzes the oxygen-depleted gas and sends an electrical signal reflecting the quantity of oxygen as a percentage or in partial pressure. The O2 analyzer is fitted with a zirconium oxide sensor to ensure its precision and reliability. It can operate at a wide range of pressures, from a few millibars to several bars and temperatures of up to 300°C.