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A new cryomachine

A new cryomachine

to distribute and compress fluids at cryogenic temperatures

Leveraging more than 50 years of experience in the innovation, design, manufacture and operation of cryogenic turbomachines using magnetic bearings, Air Liquide advanced Technologies is constantly developing new products. Air Liquide advanced Technologies addresses the specific needs of customers using a global approach that combines advice, solution and design. A new range of cryomachines on magnetic bearings has been developed, based on cartridge architecture.


  • Refrigeration < 4.5K
  • Pumping and circulation of all cryogenic fluids
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A new cryomachine

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Key benefits

  • Cryomachines can be integrated into compressors, pumps, turbo-alternators and turbo-compressors
  • Oil-free technologies Greater reliability
  • Magnetic bearings (no contact or wear)
  • Key benefits High-efficiency solution
  • Low maintenance systems
  • Standardized design for all cryogenic rotating machines (pumps and compressors)
  • Cartridge architecture for easy assembly and maintenance

Product Description

Those turbomachines are composed of 3 subassemblies:

Standard 13kW motor cartridge 

  • 13kW@55,000 rpm high speed synchronous motor
  • Five axis active magnetic bearings 50 bar housing
  • Motor and stator water cooling system Instrumentation (position, speed and motor temperature sensors)
  • Safety ball bearings

Customized parts

  • Customized rotating parts: impeller and cryogenic shaft extension
  • Customized cryogenic casing: scroll, diffuser and casing

Electrical cabinet

  • Dedicated electrical cabinet including all required electronics and power for the control of the motor/magnetic bearings
  • Electrical cabinet can be customized

Technical advantages

  • Easy installation
  • High efficiency
  • Wide range of flow rates and pressure ratio covered


References of turbomachines on magnetic bearings

  • 50 cold compressors
  • 5 cryogenic pumps
  • 1 turbo-alternator
  • 3 moto-turbo-compressors
  • 1 moto-compressor