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OBOGS for military cargo aircraft

On-board oxygen generating system

Unequaled performance & comfort guaranteed through a unique mechatronic design

Our life support system produces unlimited and autonomous oxygen-enriched air on board transport aircraft, to cover all the physiological needs (breathing gas) of the crew, whatever the duration of their mission.


  • Responsive and accurate regulation of the gas, thanks to tailor made electronic valves and algorithms
  • Wide range of operating pressure, beyond the standard values (particularly at very low inlet pressure)
  • Very adaptive and flexible design in order to meet any requirement for control of performances: flow, pressure, oxygen level
  • Eased system diagnosis and management with no impact on reliability (Continuous Build-In Test)
  • Compact lightweight system
  • Integrated monitoring device possible in option
  • Increased operational availability of the aircraft 

How does it work?

The concentrator increases the oxygen content of air taken from an engine compressor using a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process. This technology is based on molecular sieves capable of separating the air's constituents. Air Liquide's OBOGS has a reduced mass thanks to the control of molecular sieves, the patented shape of the columns and the lightness of the holding device.

Mounted on a control panel, each regulator distributes the oxygen-enriched air to the pilot, with a rate that varies according to altitude. It regulates the flow and pressure of the gases the crew needs, both oxygen-enriched air for breathing with a rate depending on altitude. All protective functions requiring breathing in safety overpressure, altimeteric overpressure are provided by this same regulator. The electronic control of all functions offers great flexibility in the management of operating parameters with higher speed and accuracy.

Main technical characteristics

  • Weight of concentrator: < 20kg
  • Length x width x height ≈ 465 x 280 x 415mm
  • Minimum inlet pressure: 15 psig relative to cabin pressure for 5 to 12 persons
  • Electrical supply: 28 Vdc (115 Vac on demand)
  • Power consumption < 3 A

These values are indicative. Our expertise in the fields of gases separation, analysis and storage allows us to offer a solution adaptable to your needs.

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OBOGS for A400M - Airbus

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