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Cryogenics for optronics

Gas storage, supply and regulation systems for cryogenic circuits and cryo-coolers

Specialized in pure gases and cryogenic temperatures, our teams master the entire chain of components related to cold production for optronics applications.
Our solutions can be combined with our Joule-Thomson cryocoolers to provide a complete cryogenic system cooling solution. 



  • Long operating lifetime
  • ITAR free
  • Longtime storage capacity
  • No electronic components
  • Customizable design


Air Liquide provides a wide range of components to answer your specific needs, such as:

  • High pressure pure gas storage with pyrotechnic systems.
  • Pressure control and regulation: rupture discs, seeker pressure regulation valve (absolute or relative pressure depending on the need), non-return valve
  • High pressure circuits for gas supply: flexible piping, connectors, filters.

Some typical applications for these components are high performance thermal imagers, infrared guidance systems.

We are working closely with your design team to offer an easy integration in your optronics systems. In terms of manufacturing, we have welding skills, characterization of materials capabilities, and high pressure and regulation expertise. 

Main technical characteristics

  • Products in compliance with gas purity norms DEF STAN 58-96 issue 4

Storage capacities

Sealed containers at a pressure of 700 bars

  • Tightness: maximum pressure drop 5% in 15 years
  • Design pressure: 1,400 bars
  • Bursting pressure: >2,700 bars

Absolute valves

  • Maximum full flow pressure: 1.6 bars absolute
  • Minimum closing pressure: 1.04 bars absolute
  • Maximum flow: 40 Nl/min

Cooling operations based on different types of gases: argon, nitrogen, air and mixtures

Equipment features can be tailored to your requirements

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Air Liquide designs, manufactures and services gas-related equipment on board aircraft and on the ground, for civil and military markets.

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