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Liquid Oxygen (LOx) Plant

Liquid Oxygen (LOx) Plant

A stationary liquid oxygen generator for aircraft ground support and supply of aviation breathing oxygen

The compact liquid oxygen plant is a logistics-free solution to supply remote Air Force bases with aviation liquid oxygen.

It is compliant with aeronautics standards: oxygen purity 99.5%


Key benefits

  • Production capacity: 2 tons per day of liquid oxygen at 99.5% purity
  • Compliant with STANAG 7106 agreement
  • Autonomous on-site production: elimination of logistics restraints
  • Performances guaranteed from a world leader in gases technologies and cryogenics

Easy operation

  • Simplification of standard distillation design to limit equipment and maintenance
  • Automatic operation of the production unit
  • Short start-up times

Optimized layout to offer a very compact solution with limited footprint

  • No civil engineering modification
  • Maximum height: 4m
  • Floor space: 35m2
  • Weight of the cold box: < 10 tons

Air Liquide expertise: performances guaranteed

  • Cryogenic well-proven technology
  • Adapted to harsh environment
  • High reliability and improved safety

Associated Services

  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Customized support
  • Spare parts
  • Training


Liquid oxygen production capacity: 2 tons per day = 60Nm3/h
O2 purity: 99.5% aviation quality according to STANAG 7106

  • Maximum water content: 5mg/m3 at 15°C and 760mm Hg (101.3KPa) (7 ppm/vol.) (dew point -63°C)
  • Minor contaminants compliant with STANAG, in particular CO2 (< 5ppm)

Power consumption: 300kW
Design conditions: 101.3kPa, sea level, 20°C, 70% Relative Humidity (RH)
Standard operating conditions: external temperature -20°C/+45°C, 70% RH with tropicalization optimization possible