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There is always something going on…

Days for the onboarding of new arrivals, discovery of entities and activities, mobility and safety days, interns and trainees forums, conferences and many other events. There is always something happening on the Sassenage site.

Having more women in our teams: this is the ambition of the partnership with the Elles Bougent association that Air Liquide advanced Technologies has set up on the Grenoble Technologies Campus. In a predominantly male industrial environment, our objective is to have 30% women in our workforce by 2025. The association Elles Bougent is working to encourage women technicians and engineers to join the company and to break down gender stereotypes. We are providing you with these rich and varied testimonies that convey a strong message: this is about helping women find the work that suits them and integrating them into Air Liquide advanced Technologies. This is the ambition of our Inclusion and Diversity policy, which is part of the societal pillar of our CSR approach.

Inclusion and Diversity policy: partnering with the Elles Bougent association