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Réfrigérateur hélium - gamme HELIAL

Helium refrigerator - HELIAL range

Quickly deployable and easy-to-use refrigerators

HELIAL is the new range of refrigerators that can provide cooling power thanks to helium at 4.5 K from 100 W to 1kW for different applications.

Intended for research centers having cryogenic applications (synchrotron, cold neutron source, cyclotron, accelerator, space simulation chamber), HELIAL becomes integrated within a system going of the storage of gaseous helium to its distribution towards the customer application. The cooling power is dedicated to diverse applications: superconductivity, nanotechnology, biology, quantum physics, space etc.

Air Liquide offers its customers a turnkey refrigeration system, HELIAL and all its related components. All HELIAL refrigerators are fitted with turbines, the core of the refrigeration process, developed by Air Liquide. These turbines operate under static gas bearing technology, which means they can reach rotation speeds of up to 300,000 revs per minute, with an MTBF of 150,000 hours.

HELIAL refrigerators, Picture of a refrigeration system
HELIAL refrigerators, picture of a refrigeration system


  • Cooling power: from 100 W to 1 kW at 4.5 K
  • Electrical consumption: from 50 kW to 250 kW

Key benefits

  • Easy-to-use: user-friendly interface with touch control screen, automatic operation run by a control system, remote access by modem/internet
  • Reduced maintenance: self-diagnosis providing early warning of breakdowns
  • Low operating costs: lower consumption of utilities (compressed air, nitrogen, water, electricity, compact system that can easily be built into existing infrastructures

Key technical characteristics

  • Air or water cooling of compressor
  • Integrated oil removal and cycle pressure management functions
  • Touch screen controls
  • Automatic management of compressor, system refrigeration, nominal refrigerator operation and shutdown thereof
  • Nitrogen pre-cooling included
  • Electrical cabinet integrated on the cold box frame


  • ASME Stamp U (USA) - HPGSL (Japan) - AQSIQ (China)
  • CE Marking/ASME without stamp

Some references

  • SOLEIL Synchrotron (France),
  • DLS Synchrotron (United Kingdom),
  • NSRRC Synchrotron (Taïwan),
  • Space simulation chamber (China)

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