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Helium refrigeration around 4.5 K

Tailor-made refrigerators for large-scale cryogenic projects

Our 4.5K refrigerators can be used to cool any cryogenic application that requires a refrigeration capacity of between 500W and 30 kW and above. 

Our refrigeration systems are intended for use in research centres that use superconductors in their experiments in relation to particle accelerators, experimental nuclear fusion reactors, and synchrotrons, and their design is tailored to meet the requirements of customer applications. They include the helium refrigerator capable of delivering the helium in the form required (liquid, supercritical etc.) not only at 4 .5 K nut also at the intermediate temperatures required (80K screening etc.), and the fluid storage and distribution systems and the purification systems if necessary.


Key benefits

  • High performance: optimally efficient tailor-made systems that can reduce operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance: through the choice of highly reliable components that require less maintenance
  • Smaller operating teams: automation means that units can work on standard daytime timetables, and not in shifts (3-shift system etc.)

Main technical characteristics

  • Lubricated screw compressor
  • Oil separation and cycle pressure management system
  • Cold box with built-in Air Liquide static gas bearing turbines
  • Nitrogen pre-cooling included if required
  • Automatic management of system cool-down, design operating state of refrigerator and turnaround
  • Optional storage and distribution system


  • ASME Stamp U (USA) - HPGSL (Japan) - AQSIQ (China)
  • CE Marking / ASME with no stamp


  • CERN LHC Helium Refrigeration System
  • KSTAR Korea Helium Refrigeration System