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Gaseous Pressured Vaporization unit (GPV)

Gaseous Pressured Vaporization unit (GPV)

High-pressure liquid to gas nitrogen or oxygen for aircraft ground support

GPV has been designed to meet the needs of air forces and civil aviation: • Fill-in nitrogen for ground use cylinders and source of cold on-board, • Fill-in oxygen for on-board converters and cylinders as source of breathable oxygen.

How does it work?

The GPV exists in nitrogen and oxygen distinct versions. The GPV is filled with liquefied gas from a stationary or mobile storage tank. Liquid gas is fed by high-pressure pump to a heater vaporizer and distributed in gaseous form to cylinders using a bench. The filling pressure can be adjusted from 250 to 325 bar. The filling end is announced by sound and light alarms, motor power is automatically turned off.

Key benefits

  • Multipurpose: storage, compression, vaporizing, filling cylinders
  • Security: avoid handling and transportation of high-pressure cylinders
  • Autonomy: refuelling outposts gas unit
  • Road and air transportable (C-130, A-400M...)

Main components

  • Storage tank
  • Control unit
  • Pressurization heater
  • Chassis and wheel assembly
  • Flexible transfer hoses and accessories

Technical characteristics

  • Liquid capacity: 250 litres
  • Size (L × w × h): 2.04 x 1.3 x 1.51m
  • Flow: 54 Nm3/h N2 or 70 Nm3/h O2
  • Pmax: 325 bar N2 or 250 bar O2
  • Weight: 850 Kg

Associated services

  • Preventive and curative maintenance
  • Technical assistance
  • Spare parts
  • Training