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Cryogenic Helium Purifier – ULTRAL He

A cost-effective alternative to Getter-type purifiers for purifying gaseous Helium to sub-ppb.

ULTRALTM are cryogenic purifiers with a flow capacity range of  5 to 650 Nm3/Hr that offers continuous and reversible purification of Helium for very high purity applications.

ULTRALTM He is a purifier application specially designed for the purification of gaseous Helium. The adsorption technology employed is used to eliminate impurities such as CO, CO2, H20, CH4 and including the normally difficult to remove N2 down to sub-ppb level. The purification principle is based on the reversible cryo-trapping of impurities on a bed of high performance adsorbent.


 Model No. 5/20 20/100 100/300 300/650
Max flow rate (Nm3/hr) 20 100 300 650
Min flow rate* (Nm3/hr) 1 4 12 25
Consumption LN2 (l/h) 2 5 16 45
Max electricity Consumption* (kW) 6 6 11 17

Key benefits

  • Fully-automated easy to-use purifier with touch screen control
  • Two purification columns operating in parallel to ensure continuous purification of Helium 24H/day
  • Technology that includes automatic regeneration of the purification columns: no cartridges to change!
  • Technology with the flexibility to handle variations in flow rate and/or impurity levels with no change in delivered performance
  • One of the lowest operating costs on the market
Electronics & Optoelectronics documentation

Electronics & Optoelectronics documentation

PDF - 1.88 MB

Main technical characteristics

  • Working pressure: from 5 to 18 bars
  • Flow rate: from 5 to 650 Nm3/Hr (depending on the model)
  • Pressure loss: < 1.3 bars (at 7 bars at input)
  • Column regeneration by hot nitrogen
  • Performance:


Input (ppm)

Output (ppb)



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  • CE - ASME - AQSIQ (China) - HPGSL (Japan)

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